Oneonta approves insurance policies

In a brief last meeting of the year, the Oneonta City Council approved a short-term disability policy for city employees and a long-term cancer policy for all eligible Oneonta Firefighters.

Following a presentation by human resources director Dalton Farmer, the council approved going with MetLife. The city had already budgeted for the policy.

They then voted to approve the long-term cancer policy for all eligible Oneonta firefighters mandated by the state through Chubb Insurance. The motion was made by councilman Donald Bradley to approve an “enhanced” policy as a tool to recruit and retain the best employees in the fire department. Farmer explained that there was only a $200 difference in a standard or “enhanced” policy.

In other matters, the council approved an alcohol license application for Mio Songo, LLC at 200 First Avenue. The approval is based on final inspection.

A meeting is set for Jan. 1, in which several downtown merchants will become a subcommittee of the Blount County-Oneonta Chamber of Commerce as they focus on more activities to attract customers to the downtown area.

Councilman Richard Phillips said he checked minutes from a previous meeting in which a proposed splash pad was discussed. He said a motion was made to put a splash pad on the site of the old pool, but “no money was voted on.”

A work session was set for Jan. 14 to look at various options for the pad and other recreational activities.