Oneonta: a great place to live

Are you tired of living where you do? Tired of the traffic problems, tired of long lines, tired of rude people, tired of crime? You may need to move to a better place; a place where life is less stressful and more enjoyable. Oneonta in Blount County is one of those places and I highly recommend it. There are many reasons why this is true for me as a new resident of Oneonta.

1. Oneonta is in a beautiful location. It is surrounded by mountains, trees, and the best nature has to offer.

2. There are no traffic problems in or around Oneonta; no bumper-tobumper, stop-and-go traffic. The city streets and avenues are well maintained. There are no big head-bumping potholes or speed bumps.

3. Doing business at the courthouse is quick and easy. There are parking spaces readily available, including handicap spaces at the front door. There are no long lines. The people who work there are friendly and want to help you get your business done as quickly as possible.

4. The political leaders seem to work well together for the good of all the people, as far as I can tell.

5. Oneonta has a good school system. Most schools are new or expanding. They have attractive sports facilities, walking tracks, and playgrounds.

6. Young people in Oneonta are polite and well mannered.

7. Wallace State Community College has a branch in Oneonta. It was recently recognized as the number one online community college in Alabama and number 16 in America. It is constantly growing and changing to meet the educational and vocational needs of the people and is doing a good job in doing so.

8. Oneonta has a good hospital. St. Vincent’s Blount is one of the best. It is a part of Ascension, the largest non-profit health system in the U.S., and the world’s largest Catholic health system.

9. Oneonta has a good public transportation system. The little white shuttle buses run all over the city, taking people where they want to go, and bringing them back home for a modest fee.

10. There is little crime in Oneonta. Gangs don’t fight in the mall. In fact, Oneonta doesn’t have gangs, or a mall. The Sheriff of Blount County (Mark Moon) due to his hands-on way of working and helpfulness shines as an outstanding public servant.

11. Oneonta has several good places to eat; in fact, it has been known for its good eateries for several years. Among the restaurants serving Oneonta today is Sweetie’s Place. They mix good food with Christian kindness and compassion. You are asked to pay what you can. The customer sets the price for their meal, and if they don’t have money to pay for it, it is given to them.

12. Oneonta has several churches of different denominations, making it easy for people to find a place to worship.

13. The city’s greatest strength is its people. They are friendly, kind, and helpful. It’s a pleasure to live in Oneonta.

Dr. Robert G. Wilkerson, Oneonta