“This group of seniors means a lot to me as a first-time coach. In just one year, they each grew so much. When I first started with them last year, the other coaches and I could see their potential and pushed them really hard. We conditioned them and we started growing them as leaders.

“They really stepped into their leadership positions this year and started mentoring the younger girls and working with them on their skills. The younger players began to become more confident and it made our team bond strong.

“Soccer starts in October and ends in April so we spend a lot of time together. It becomes like a family and that is what the team means to me, they are family.

“I was so upset when I got the news about our soccer season being over, I even shed a few tears. This was going to be our year to potentially go to state. We talked and dreamed of this season since last year. We were so motivated and I hated to see it come to an end like it did.



“I tried to comfort the girls by telling them that each one has so much potential on and off the field. I believe that sports helps students develop more skills than we realize. I know that the seniors will work just as hard as they do at practice and on the field at college and their future jobs. I know each of them can do anything they put their mind to. I hope the girls that return next year will return more motivated and try to make up for the lost season. I think all of the coaches have expressed how proud we are of them, and the short season does not change that!”

– Bethany Franklin