On the wet/dry issue

One day without a pill gives that pill popper courage to change. One day without a gun in hand gives that crook the ability to change. One day without a drink gives that drunk self-esteem to change.

There are those in this county that want liquor money to pad their pockets because:

They are greedy. Not because they are concerned with your loved one being maimed by a drunk driver or laying in a ditch dead, or drinking away the family’s income.

They say we will have more revenue. We will lose the approximately $400,000 yearly from the ABC Board (which is the state’s governing board on alcohol sales). We receive this by simply being a DRY county! We don’t have to do anything for this money!

I believe that our property taxes will have to increase substantially to replace lost funding, and more law enforcement hired to handle increased crime.

They don’t care that the resale value of your property you have worked so hard to maintain will decrease due to the majority of this county being unincorporated (which means no governing laws to prevent beer joints, strip joints, etc., next door to your property and you won’t be able to do anything about it because you can no longer afford to sell your property and move).

They don’t care that the schools are teaching our children and grandchildren that drinking is a drug, therefore, habit forming. They don’t care that underage drinking is against the law.

They just want to pad their pockets at your expense.

I am a wife, mother, and grandmother. I have a grandchild on the road now. I know what it is like when a child is a few minutes late on curfew and your heart starts pounding because you hear an ambulance or police siren, and you wonder if that could be your child.

I know what it is like to pay for and maintain property, and take pride in where we live.

We lived in Center Point when it was dry. It was a beautiful little city. Ride down through Center Point now. It is no longer a beautiful little city. Liquor sales really did a number on them. Look at the type of businesses in that incorporated area. I believe it will be much worse for unincorporated areas such as our beautiful county.

It is so important to vote, not only on this issue, but in the general election. Our county and country need sober, stable leadership willing to address domestic and foreign issues, and actually do something about them instead of promises in order to get a vote.

Please make an informed vote! Nancy Massey

Locust Fork