Oil change

Our quaint city is home to almost 7,000 people. We enjoy Friday football, summers at the pool and weekend family time. This was my grandparent’s home, my parent’s home, and my home. Each person, going to and from work and school make up the moving parts of Oneonta. It’s businesses and employees grease the gears that make us run and keep going. Our firefighters and police officers shield us from disaster and harm the best they can. In simple terms, a city is like a car.

You see, a city is built to go places. Not in the literal sense, but a city cannot flourish and survive without change and progress. We have to move forward. Now that doesn’t mean we need to become a booming metropolis. Just the opposite. I love our “small town” vibe. Knowing your neighbor, and everyone else, by name is something only us small town folks can appreciate. Like a car, Oneonta was built to move forward and keep up the pace with our busy lives riding along. And just like a car, you have to maintain your city. In a sense, Oneonta needs an oil change. Without it, our city, and any car, would not make it long.

Alcohol sales is something that people bow their chest about. It doesn’t have to be. It’s simply normal maintenance for a city that otherwise is running out of options. We need jobs, funding and renewable revenue. We need to change the tires and get a fresh coat of paint. But first, we need an oil change.

Changing the oil on your GMC doesn’t mean it’s a different truck. It just means it’s being taken care of and ready to carry on just as it was meant to do. Legal alcohol sales is not an attempt to get us a new car, or city….it’s just meant to make sure we keep running. Richard Phillips