Ogles wins endorsements for Snead improvements

Reporting on several projects, Snead councilman Greg Ogles won council approval for several repairs and improvements using mostly state-provided capital outlay funds. Completing one item authorized in an earlier session, Ogles advised the council of the lower bid (1,350) for replacing the main door at the town hall.

From that point, he moved to reworking the hall parking lot, including resealing, painting, and the placing of parking bumpers. He paired that with the resealing of the town walking track for a total price of $2,300.

As the councilor who supervises park and recreation matters, Ogles moved on to work on prepping the town ballfields at a cost a bit over $1,450 and renovating the town’s old tennis courts for use as an outdoor basketball court. The cost of the courts project, which includes setting two goal posts and striping will reach a projected $3,050. In still another matter, Ogles gained permission to begin electrical and plumbing updates at the ballpark concession stands.

Councilman Charles Sanders then suggested the town consider trading its older zero-turn mower for a new model with members accepting that recommendation. In earlier action, the council agreed to surplus and advertise for sale the town’s 1995 Ford Bronco which had been used by volunteer fire chief Lee Netherton. The council had previously purchased a new truck for the chief’s use.

Ogles and others questioned utilities department head Jeff Whited about efforts to obtain water and sewer certification for employees in his department. When Whited explained his difficulty in finding classes available for the certification, the council directed him to explore the possibility of sponsoring a class in town for his workers, and perhaps those from other municipalities.

Continuing the upgrading theme, the council agreed to spend $9,475 for new computer equipment for the town hall and municipal court. Also, councilors approved Netherton’s request for permission to accept a $1,500 grant from the county medical board for purchasing medical supplies and equipment.

Mayor Curtis Painter reported some had approached him about placing a plaque at the town’s circle of flags honoring deceased former councilman Jack Freeman. Councilman Tim Kent quickly moved to so act and won unanimous approval from those present. Painter also announced a ground-breaking for a new Dollar General and noted the town is in line for other business announcements in the near future. He explained that, as is often true with such, he has been asked to hold word while negotiations continue.

Councilman Phillip McHan joined Painter, Ogles, Sanders, and Kent. Councilor Dale Snead missed the Feb. 24 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the town community center.