Ogles presents ideas on Snead employee vacation time

Councilman Greg Ogles offered a preliminary proposal on employee vacation time policy, during the March 24 meeting of the Snead Town Council. As 2012 ended, the town faced a situation where some employees had not used their vacation time and feared they could not schedule the time within the remaining days of the year.

Utilities director Jeff Whited had asked permission for reduced staffing to permit the use of the leave time. The council had some concerns over that and suggested employees strive to get their leave time in rather than take the compensatory payment. The matter appeared to resolve itself, but councilors indicated they wished to establish a policy to address the matter.

Prior to his proposal, Ogles acknowledged that 2012 had been an unusual year with some utility projects requiring delayed leaves. On the other hand, he did note the council wished to encourage the use of vacation time for employees. He then offered an outline of what he thought would be good for employees and the town.

He suggested that first-year employees be required to take the one week vacation they earn, with no compensatory payment available for any time not used. In an employee’s second year, he/she must take one week but could “cash in” the second. Those who earn three weeks would be expected to take at least two of those but could receive compensation for the other week. The leave time would have to be requested and approved at least two weeks in advance of its commencement.

Councilman Tim Kent requested the town seek employee comments before acting further. Councilor Phillip McHan agreed but suggested the issue should be decided at the next regular council session.

Kent also urged the council to look at the upcoming 911 service. He noted contract negotiations would soon be underway and that Snead should seek the best price it can get.

Ogles, who has coordinated capital improvement work, reported the new town hall door has been installed and asphalt at the town hall, old tennis court area, and walking track has been sealed. He added that parking bumpers have been installed. He anticipates work will soon be underway on repairs and improvements at the town storage barn and to install vinyl siding as needed.

Mayor Curtis Painter advised the council that the town has received no interest in the Ford Bronco that was declared surplus and listed for sale. Councilman Charles Sanders then suggested the town place the vehicle on the govdeals website. Members also discussed awaiting repairs on volunteer fire chief Lee Netherton’s new vehicle, damaged in a recent wreck. Councilman Dale Snead noted the vehicle should be back in service within a week.

All councilors (Painter, Ogles, Kent, McHan, Sanders, and Snead) attended the unusually brief March 24 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.