Officials continue preparations for next week’s voting



Brian Erwin (back to camera) explains machine testing procedures to county election officers and workers (clockwise to Erwin’s left) probate clerks Kim Hipp (chief) and Erin Self, Circuit Clerk Cindy Massey, Probate Judge Chris Green, and Blount County Sheriff’s Department Operations Officer Tim Kent.

Erwin instructed observers to select random machines programmed for the Tuesday, Aug. 15, U.S. Senate primaries and attempt to thwart the tallying. Joined by Blount County Democratic Party chair Jim Kilgore, the six marked and mismarked official ballots before inserting them in the two machines they chose. The machines performed flawlessly

Testing occurs prior to each election for machines stored in climate-controlled areas of the county’s family services mall. Each county’s sheriff, circuit clerk, and probate judge comprise the state’s constitutionally-designated local election officers.

Jim Kilgore