Officer suspended after making arrest at Blount County fair

An Oneonta police officer has been suspended with pay after a woman arrested at the Blount County Fair on Saturday night claimed the officer used excessive force when arresting her, according to Oneonta Police Chief James Chapman.

The incident began when two juveniles starting fighting on the fair grounds. When the Oneonta officer intervened and detained the two juveniles, the woman, who also was a fair volunteer, allegedly interfered.

The woman, who was acquainted with one of the juveniles, was later arrested, and both juveniles were detained after the altercation. However, neither were arrested. One juvenile also claims the officer used excessive force as the officer was detaining him.

According to Chapman, an investigation is underway, and the officer will be suspended for the duration of that investigation.

“It has snowballed into some other stuff and as per our standard, our officer has been suspended and will be suspended until the investigation is completed, which will be in less than 30 days,” Chapman said.

The woman was charged with interfering with a governmental operation, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. She was transported to the Blount County Correctional Facility and was later released on bond.