OFD’s newest fleet member

- courtesy Oneonta Fire Department

– courtesy Oneonta Fire Department

If you ride by Oneonta Fire Department, you’ll likely get a glimpse of their brand new 75-foot ladder truck. The 2021 Sutphen SL75 arrived recently at the department after months of being designed and built at the Sutphen facility in Columbus, Ohio.

Sutphen built the truck from the ground up and worked closely with Chief Kenneth Booth to ensure it encompassed the exact needs of the department. Once built, the fire truck was shipped to Williams Fire in Ashland for the final specifications and additions. There, custom fabrications and shelving were added to make it as efficient and user-friendly as possible.

OFD is proud of their newest fleet member. This single-axle firetruck is the first new ladder truck OFD or any other county department has ever had.

Costs of fire trucks, whether new or reconditioned, are not cheap. This beauty cost $855,300; however, thanks to a $745,000 Assistance to Firefighter Grant, the department will only be out of pocket $180,000, which includes additional equipment costs, for this almost-$1-million truck.

The 2021 Sutphen, which replaces a 1991 E1 ladder truck, has a 1,000-pound tip load verses the 500 pound tip load the E1 ladder had. It is equipped to do everything their other trucks can, but will primarily be used in the approximately

20 percent of calls that are not medical related.

The truck was recently featured on Firehouse.com.Firehouse Magazine is a monthly publication devoted exclusively to the fire service and has the highest circulation in the industry, including their primary audience of more than 1.2 million firefighters. This beauty is also one of two units that are in contention for being the cover photo for one of next year’s magazines.

While the truck has not sat idle since arriving at OFD, a dedication was held at the April 13 city council meeting. Even though one hopes they do not have to utilize the truck’s services, it is nice to know that it is available when needed.