North Blount team reaches World Series

Head coach Marc Owens and assistant coaches Tommy Glass, Jason Edwards, and Randy Kent recently led their 11-year-old North Blount Sluggers all-star baseball team to the World Series in Commerce, Ga.

“Our team was pumped and ready to play,” said Owens.

The Sluggers got strong pitching and opened the tournament by beating a team from Villa Rica behind a threehit shutout. In the next round, the Sluggers got a two-hitter and won over Kennesaw, Ga.

However, in the third game the Sluggers were eliminated 6-4 by a team from Chattanooga.

In talking to Owens, it became evident that he and his assistants were as pumped as the players were. “We are extremely proud of all of our players for working so hard throughout the season, and in making it to the World Series. The whole experience was just awesome,” he said.

The North Blount Sluggers was made up of 11 players picked from teams in Snead and Royal.