No to alcohol and its destruction

I read with interest the advertisement “end prohibition.” The absurdity of the statements is beyond comprehension. “If I go to Krispy Kreme and purchase doughnuts, I will not eat one if I live 10 minuets away.” Tell that to a child after you go through McDonalds. “You can’t eat your french fries because we are only 10 minutes from home.” Tell that to an alcoholic who is going through D.T.s.

“Experts assume that if individuals buy in large quantities, then they are going to drink in large quantities.” Their reasoning is large quantities are purchased because it is not closely available. So, the proponents assume there will be less alcohol consumed if it is readily available and close to their homes and family. That is absurdity.

I recently heard Siran Stacy speak. I challenge anyone to ask him the value of his four children and wife, or talk to any 20 families in Blount County. One of those families will tell you the price they have paid caused by alcohol. I respect any person or organization that openly states they want to drink alcohol and desire to make it available for that reason. However, I do not for those who say “let’s do it for the schools.”

My statements are based on my 24 years’ experience in law enforcement. My family and my wife’s family have experienced the harmful and destructive effects of alcohol. Truths we have learned are undeniable. An alcoholic did not intent to become one. It started with a social drink. The first drinks were not enjoyable. The person learned to enjoy them. No amount of money can justify the destruction it causes.

Chester Thomas