No more deer

I read with interest an article a few weeks back written by Phil Miller.

I can relate very well about the nuisance of deer. I moved out of Birmingham eight years ago to Pine Mountain in Blount County. I have had more than my share of the beautiful creatures. I have had as many as nine in my front yard at one time.

I was in Home Depot in the garden shop and a saleslady asked if she could help. I told her I was looking for deer repellent. She said she had just the thing. She sold me a bag of fertilizer named “Milarganite” (Eco-friendly). It does not hurt your plants or shrubs. It has a terrible odor that deer can’t stand.

For the first year in eight, I have had blooms on my hydrangeas, rose bushes, and hosta, to mention a few.

It has worked for me.

A happy gardener on Pine Mountain

Wilma Brown