No go on County Line tire landfill

A crowd numbering nearly 100 showed up for a public hearing before the County Line Town Council to discuss the proposed R&T Recycling tire landfill Monday night. Eight people spoke to the group, but only one was in favor of having the landfill in the town.

That person was Greg Reid, the attorney representing the landowner and the company. He said if the project goes forward it will bring 35-50 jobs to the area, which would help bring growth to the town. He explained the landfill would have a neutral impact on the environment pointing out that the Alabama Department of Environmental Management would monitor the ground water, runoff, and other environmental concerns. He added the town would benefit financially from the “tipping fee” the company would pay the town for each ton of tires.

Six other residents spoke more or less against the proposal citing concerns such as damage to roads, environmental impact, diminished property values, and a disturbance of their peaceful community.

One resident, Kathy Reid, asked what would happen if the landfill caught on fire.

Dallas/Selfville fire chief Sean Miller went to the podium and said the department remains neutral about the landfill. He did say his equipment already suffers from the bad roads. As for a potential fire, he explained his department does not possess the equipment and technology to adequately address a fire at the site if one occurred. To upgrade would not be fiscally possible.

Once the public hearing was over, the council met in a special called meeting. As soon as the meeting came to order, an executive session was voted on so the members could consult in private. After about 20 minutes, the council reconvened. There was no other discussion and a motion to deny the application was made based on diminished “property values and public safety.” It passed unanimously. All members of the council were present, which includes mayor Arthur Self and councilors Steve Brewer, John King, Brenda Lowe, Eugene Kiley, and Myrtle Van Kleeck.