Nipper Hood



Blount County homeschoolers will get a history lesson on the life and times of Nipper Hood tomorrow, Aug. 23, from 10 a.m. until 11 a.m., at the Blount County Memorial Museum. Nipper Hood (portrayed by Billy Strickland) was a soldier originally from South Carolina who fought during the Creek Indian War with a brigade that moved south through Tennessee, eventually setting up a camp at what is now Brooksville. Nipper Hood’s job was to find water to supply the men and animals and according to local folklore, he discovered Blue Spring in Blountsville. After the end of the Creek Indian War in 1814, Nipper returned to Blount County and purchased land near Blountsville and the blue spring. Nipper Hood and his wife Sarah were buried at Blue Spring Cemetery (now New Lebanon Cemetery). Interested in learning more about Nipper Hood and the rich history of Blount County? Phone Amy Rhudy at the museum at 625- 6905 for more information on this and other special events planned as a part of the Blount County/Alabama bicentennial celebration.

-Ginger Perkins