‘FIX YOUR MAMA’ is a Blount County program designed to help residents avoid unwanted litters from pets by spaying dogs and cats at no charge. A rabies vaccination is also available, if needed. The program can now also help residents trap untamed female cats. The cats will be spayed and returned to you. Donations are requested to keep the program going. Phone 559-7007 for more information or to make an appointment.

BEAT THE ‘HEAT’ BEFORE SUMMER The Alabama Animal Adoption Society (AAAS) urges cat owners to spay cats in advance of their heat cycle to prevent unwanted litters and difficult-to-adopt kittens. Visit or phone 956-0012 for more information.

DOG FOSTER FAMILIES NEEDED Crossing Paths Animal Rescue finds homes for hundreds of Blount County dogs every year. Dogs can be saved if there are foster homes to house them for a short time. Contact Mary Ellen at 559-7648 if you are interested in being foster parents to a homeless dog. All food and medical care is provided while the dog is in foster care.

BLOUNT COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER INC., Volunteers Serving Our Community, is the recipient of a PetSmart charities grant and offers low-cost spay procedures for pets of Blount County residents through local veterinarians. Leave a message at 647-8340 and a volunteer will contact you to schedule an appointment.