New roof and facility planning decisions begin

“We’ve got some decisions to make,” Oneonta Supt. Scott Coefield told his school board Monday night. “I will meet with an electrical contractor on April 8 to discuss how (the system) can be more energy efficient. I would like for you to be here for that meeting, if possible.

“We need to begin prioritizing projects and set up a time frame for work. We have a lot to do – open roof bids, identify projects that need to be done, decide on an energy project. Plus, we need to work on staffing and look toward deciding on a school calendar for next year.”

Coefield told the board that the bids for the roof project will be opened in April and he hoped approved by the board at the April 25 meeting.

The project calls for a new rubber roof for the system’s main building – a roof that is 155,420 square feet. The early cost estimate for the project is $1.4 million.

Speaking to upgrades, Coefield told the board that one of the recommendations to consider was the replacement of desks in both the elementary and high schools.

The elementary has a total of 800 desks with 120 needing replacement while the high school has around 600 desks with 173 needing replacement. Total cost of the replacement would be $39,000 – $13,000 for the elementary and $26,000 for the high school.

In other business, the board received no recommendation from Coefield concerning a calendar for the 2011-2012 school year.

High school principal Keith Bender, speaking as the representative for the calendar committee, went over the two proposals that the committee made. Bender highlighted the differences between the two plans and answered questions from the members.

After Bender finished, Coefield told the board that he was not ready then to make a recommendation because of uncertainty in the number of school days for the coming year. The superintendent told the board that he was waiting on the state Legislature to make that decision before he could make a confident recommendation.

The board went over changes in board policies 612.2 and 623.4 as recommended by Coefield. The policies have to do with reduction in force – something the system may have to deal with in the face of expected budget shortages.

The policy changes are to be reviewed by board members for one month and be voted on at the April meeting. Coefield said he would discuss the changes with AEA representatives and contact members of any subsequent changes, if needed.

In routine business, the board approved a facility request by the Redskin Band and a request for a trip to Six Flags for a math and science field day for certain students.

The board also approved purchase of new playground equipment. The equipment, which will be located outside the elementary gym, will be handicap accessible and purchased with leftover stimulus funds. (Board member Kitty Cheak abstained from the vote as her husband is employed by a playground equipment company.)

Finally, the board retired to an executive session to discuss the good name and character of an individual. No official business was conducted following the executive session.

Present at the March 28 meeting along with Coefield, Cheak, and Bender were board members Geoff Smith, Don Maples, Robbie McAlpine, and Winston Scott, board secretary Charlotte Vick, system financial officer Kathy Loggins, elementary principal Leslie Self, AEA Uniserve representative Cathy Smith, and visitors.

The board set a work session for Monday, April 25, at 5 p.m. to review facility work and bids. The board will have its regular meeting at 6:30 p.m. following the work session.