New fire truck for Brooksville



The Brooksville Fire and Rescue Department has just acquired a shiny, new 1998 Freightliner fire engine to replace the 1977 model truck that failed its pump test last year. The new vehicle has a 325-horsepower engine and pumps 1250 gallons per minute. It has a Saulsbury rescue-type body that allows loading of both fire and rescue equipment, including extrication tool. “At $83,000, it’s a real bargain,” said fire chief Lane Pettit. “A new one would cost $250,000.” The older truck, in service since 1996, will be converted to a water tanker and continue to be used. “Modeling” the new truck are members of the Brooksville fire department (from left): Lane Pettit, Jamie Pettit, Bert Goodfallow, Lloyd Bodine, and Jan Bodine.

– Ron Gholson