New council takes first actions

Town of Snead

New council members took their seats last week in Snead and took their first actions since being elected. Council members are Ray Thomas, Teresa Lindsay, Dale Snead, Greg Ogles, and Phillip McHan. Tim Kent serves as mayor.

Department positions were approved with Snead heading the police department, Lindsay over utilities, Ogles with park and recreation, Thomas over streets and roads, and McHan over fire and rescue. Ogles presented a resolution to appoint Kent as water superintendent. The resolution passed with unanimous support.

In his report to the council, Ogles said all the equipment, including picnic tables, needs to be replaced at the town park. Thomas reported that a portion of the roof on town hall needs replacing. He also said that fans on the town’s heating and cooling unit were not working and needed to be replaced. On a motion by Snead, the council agreed to spent $788 to replace the fans. Thomas was further directed by the council to check into a grant for road repairs on streets with safety issues.

Later, Thomas reported that the town could get a large number of Christmas lights from a nearby town as they had more than needed. He said the lights were being given away so the town would receive them at no cost. The only cost would be replacement of lights within the displays. On a motion by Kent, the council approved obtaining the lights and making any necessary repairs.

Before adjourning, the council confirmed the following appointments:

• Tim Kent, utility superintendent

• Steve Gunn, police chief

• Lee Netherton, fire chief

• Heather Lindsey, town clerk

• Jennifer Talton, court clerk

• King, Green & Dobson, town attorney

• Dalton NeSmith, municipal judge

• Tamara Aldredge, city prosecutor

The council meets the second and fourth Monday of each month at 7 p.m. in the Snead Community Center.