My Yes to Wet

Anyone who goes to the polls to cast a “no” vote on alcohol sales will be very hypocritical if you are also casting a ballot to fire president Obama because you feel he is imposing too much government control in your life. Opponents of Obamacare claim it takes away a person’s “right to choose what is in their own best interest,” along with claiming it is “wrong for the government to dictate the things people should spend their money on, penalize people for smoking, drinking or eating fatty foods, be forced to lose weight, or for the government to stick their nose at all into how you are leading your lifestyle.” True enough, but my fellow citizens, what do you think local “dry laws” are ? They are the same thing. It is local government dictating how you should live because they think they know best and what is in your best interest, telling you what you should and should not spend your money on, and sticking their nose into how you are leading your life.

You don’t need to be a drinker to vote “yes” on alcohol sales, you simply need to be someone who respects another’s right to choose for themselves how to live. That includes the right to enjoy a legal product that in 1933 the U.S. Government declared that ALL adult Americans have the right to purchase and enjoy (see 21st Amendment of the Constitution).

Also, it is foolish to think anyone is going to start drinking any more or less simply because sales are allowed in the county. Those of us who enjoy a cold beer after a hard day’s work are already in Blount County and our refrigerators are full, we are your neighbors and we would really love to save gas and not travel every week to shop and dine in other counties. We’d like to spend our money in the grocery stores and restaurants right here.

The question is, should we continue letting that tax revenue escape every week to other counties, or should we benefit from that revenue here in Blount ? A “yes to wet” vote means you respect your neighbor’s right to decide for themselves how to lead their life, just as you expect your neighbor to respect how you lead your own life.

Joe Lundy