Music and more music

Blount County’s fourth annual gospel choir concert held this month at Lester Memorial United Methodist Church was another heartwarming event.

The vibrant enthusiasm of director, singers, accompanists, listeners, and organizers spoke to this county’s love of gospel music. The family groups who performed further enriched the concert, and had they not been taught better, the Brothers Green would have stolen the show. The physical appearances of Chris, Mark, and Benny belie their familial relationship, but when the music starts, it becomes evident they’re cut from the same piece of cloth.

An Oneonta event the following evening was from the opposite spectrum in both genre of music and number of listeners attending.

A handful of lovers of classical music – about as many as the studio where it was performed could accommodate – heard Meredeth Rouse in oboe and French horn recital attended, among others, by the composer of one of the pieces presented.

Meredeth, widely known musician, is daughter of Oneonta native Josephine Sellers Rouse, herself an accomplished musician and her daughter’s accompanist here. Hostess of the gathering, she was delighted with guests’ warm response to the music and with the desire expressed for more chamber music events. The public had been invited to the recital with the warning that space was quite limited and had to be reserved.

The universal language, music can excite the senses, stir the soul, and refine the spirit. Thanks to those who compose, perform, and share it.