Municipal qualifier profiles



Municipal elections will be held Tuesday Aug. 28. Polls throughout Blount County will be open 7 a.m. – 7 p.m. Profiles from County Line, Hayden, Highland Lake, Oneonta, and Snead are featured this week. Candidates from Allgood, Blountsville, and Cleveland appeared last week. County Line elected not to distribute their questionnaires, but the candidates featured called the newspaper personally asking for their questionnaire. The following municipalities will not hold elections – Allgood, Locust Fork, Nectar, Rosa, and Susan Moore.

County Line

Name: Arthur E. (Buddy) Self
Age: 61
Family: Wife of nine years – Marsha;
three daughters; one son; seven
grandchildren. I was raised in East
Lake before joining the Navy. After
retiring from the Navy, I returned
home to Alabama. We built a home
and then moved to County Line in 2007.
Experience: 20 years of military service, retiring as an
Aviation Electronics Technician Chief Petty Officer
(ATC). For the last 15 years, I have been a quality assurance analyst for a pharmacy management software
product line dealing with the ever-changing environment for State and Federal regulations for medical care
delivered by retail pharmacies.
Reason for running: 1.) To give the community a voice
in Town Hall. It is time to let the people of County Line
decide what is right for the town. The current mayor
and council have given Local Host approval for a household and medical waste DUMP within the town limits.
The only people I know of that wants this DUMP are a
landowner, the developer, County Line Mayor and
Council. Of the current council, only one did not vote
for Local Host Approval, but he didn’t vote against it
2.) I am one of the “No Dump” candidates. We are going
to do everything we can to stop the DUMP.
3.) The “No Dump” candidates want to work with
Jefferson and Blount counties to improve our roads.
Several roads within the town are in terrible shape. A
dirt trail is better than some of them.
4.) Encourage new businesses in our town. We have a nice
commercial building that needs to be filled with businesses. This would be good for the town and residents.





Name: Herman T. Mulvehill



Council Place 1
Name: Myrtle Van Kleeck
Age: 72
Family: Two adult children; two adult grandchildren;
one great grandchild
Experience: 13 years working with public; 55 years with
family ties
Reason for running: “To try to make County Line a good
place to live and give the people a say in town business.
I am a no-dump candidate.”

Name: Dennis Finch

Place 2
Name: Eugene Kiley
Age: 69
Family: Wife – Lucy; two married daughters; six granddaughters
Experience: Self employed for 30 years in
trucking; semi-retired and employed
with TruckWorx parttime.
Reason for running: “To make County
Line a better place to live and to give the
people a voice in our town government. I
am a ‘No Dump’ candidate.”



Name: Bret M. Huffstutler

Place 3
Name: Brenda Thomas Lowe
Age: 64
Family: Thomas H. Lowe and Shawn
Experience: Bank teller; administrative
assistant; a resident of the County Line
for 52 years; working with people
Reason for running: To make a difference in my town, to give the town back to
the people, to stop the dump, and repair
roads. One of the no-dump candidates.

Name: Pam Sitton

Place 4
Name: Floyd Philpot
Age: 74
Family: Wife – Brenda Philpot
Experience: 30 years oil and gasoline
senior vice president
Reason for running: Help our community to grow and prosper; a “no dump”



Name: Norma Holzhauer

Place 5
Name: Steve Brewer
Age: 54
Family: Married with one child, 26
Experience: Eight years on council at a
private resort with eight thousand
Reason for running: “To give this town a
change and to give it back to the community and a ‘No Dump’ candidate.”

Name: Tenson Calvert


Name: Larry Armstrong
Age: 66
Family: Wife – June;
son – Allen; daughter –
Angie; and four grandchildren Experience: Served as
Mayor for the Town of
Hayden from 1996
until 2008; successfully ran Armstrong
General Store for 27 years; worked in the
transportation industry for 30 years;
licensed homebuilder and developer;
previously served as President of Hayden
Lions Club; previously served as fire chief
for West Blount Fire Department; current
member of Blount County Republican
Party Executive Committee; current
member of West Blount Chamber of
Commerce; licensed airplane pilot
Reason for running: “Due to the health
of my mother, I chose not to seek re-election in 2008. I felt as if it were more
important to spend time with my family
and my mother preceding her death
rather than seek re-election. During my
tenure as mayor, all streets were repaved
with the exception of two. A total of 14

miles of new water lines were installed
providing a clean water source to the citizens of the Town. Installation of these
lines resulted in an increased customer
base of almost 300 percent. I take great
pride in saving the citizens of the town
thousands of dollars by utilizing town
employees for this line installation rather
than outsourcing the project. Since leaving office, no new water lines have been
completed nor have any streets been
paved. During my administration the
former Masonic Lodge was purchased
and renovated to be a 4000 sq. ft. community center. As a lifelong resident of
Hayden, it was very important to me
upon leaving office to ensure the town
was in a strong financial condition. Due
to the limited tax base, this was difficult;
however, I pride myself on the amount of
money held by the town as well as the
fact that the town incurred no debt during my terms. After the recent annexation, Hayden’s tax base has grown
tremendously; however, it will take
someone with municipal experience to
manage such funds. Although I have not
been serving in an official municipal
capacity during the past four years, I
have continued to assist the current
administration with consultations as
well as consulting on various municipal
issues and going door to door soliciting
business owners and property owners
for the annexation process.”

Name: Thelma Smith

Council Place 1: Name: Marsha Beam

Place 2: Name: William Parker

Place 3
Name: Morris Winnett
Age: 71
Family: Wife – Reba Winnett; children –
Marisa, Mike, and Morrie
Experience: Council for four years
Reason for running: “To improve the
town and help it grow.”

Place 4: Name: Randy Curtis

Place 5: Name: Stephen Anderson

Highland Lake

Name: Gail S. Bailey
Age: 66
Family: Husband of 48
years – Wayne Bailey;
daughter – Cindy
Ritchie and husband
Mark; grandson – Alex;
and great grandson –
Experience: 23 years of employment at
Shook & Fletcher Insulation Co., during
which time I served as health & safety
director, as well as a corporate officer of
the company. Responsibilities included
developing and implementing the company safety program, training employees, managing worker’s compensation
claims, and negotiating contracts for
health and worker’s compensation
insurance. I am currently serving my
second term on the Town Council as
Mayor Pro tem, and chairman of the
buildings and grounds committee. In
the past 8 years I have also chaired the
roads, lake and Oordinance committees, and served on several special committees. On the recommendation of the
b building & grounds committee, the
town has built a new garage, converting
the previous space into a town library.
The park has been renovated including
the addition of a gazebo and new landscaping. The Town Hall and the
“Anchor” have been completely refurbished

and a new fishing pier and dock
were built. Currently the town is in the
process of building a walking trail. An
additional feature of this trail will be to
serve as an outdoor classroom for the
students in Blount County.
Reason for Running: “I look forward to
the completion of the walking trail and
the outdoor classroom, as well as other
projects that will benefit the lake and the
community. I would like to work with
other towns to obtain and share ideas for
improvements and cost savings. I have
always believed that people should ‘put
back more than they take’ and have tried
to do this for our beautiful town. As
Mayor, I promise to continue to serve in
a fair and impartial way and to help our
town continue to grow to serve all of its

Name: Nancy Hayden
Age: Not given
Family: Husband – Joe
Hayden; sons – Torrey
and Caleb; daughter –
Experience: Nancy’s
qualifications for mayor
include a B.S. degree with
an accounting major
from UAB. She worked 20 years for UAHSF
(UAB), 18 were on the management team
in the department of finance. Her experience includes budget, finance, reading,
understanding business contracts, ordinaces. Nancy has served as a Highland Lake
councilperson for eight years.
Reason for running: “The Haydens want
our hometown to be safe for all residents
and visitors and a fun place for our children and grandchildren. Her goal is to
listen and consider with an open mind
everyone’s opinion and to bring resident’s ideas to the council table. She
would like to bring back lake activities
that are inclusive to everyone, including
children. She can use your help in identifying things you like most about
Highland Lake and areas where we could
use improvement.”

Council Place 1: Name: Leland “Skip” Davis

Place 2: Name: Donna Hamby

Place 3: Name: Brenda H. Cox

Place 4: Name: Tim Peek

Place 5: Name: Jane M. Lamb


Name: Ross L. Norris
Age: 61
Family: Wife – Vicki Self Norris; stepdaughter – Anna Logan
Experience: Oneonta Park and
Recreation Board, 20 years; Oneonta City
Council, eight years
Reason for running: “I think there is only
one reason anyone should run for any
office, place, or position. That’s the love
they have for their community, be it city,
county, state, or federal, and I’m going to
work with the council to look at every
item from the standpoint of the city as a
whole, for which I serve.”

Council Place 1
Name: Tim McNair
Age: 55
Family: Wife – Pam McNair; two daughters; two stepdaughters
Experience: Current Oneonta City
Council Member; member of Oneonta
Planning Commission; former member
of Oneonta Zoning Board of Adjustments
for 19 years; certified Alabama Planning
and Zoning official; B.S. degree in Public

Reason for running: “To continue to
work for the citizens and to be a part of
helping to keep Oneonta a great place to
live. I want Oneonta to be moving forward and be even a better place.
Oneonta is my home and the people
here have always been there for me. I
truly care about this city and appreciate
the citizens giving me the opportunity to
serve them.”

Place 2: Name: Tonya Harvey Rogers

Place 3: Name: Mark Gargus

Place 4
Name: Hal Blackwood
Age: 49
Family: Wife – Sharon Blackwood, teaches kindergarten at Oneonta City School;
children – Corey, Abby, and Anna
Experience: 23 years with the Alabama
Administrative Office of Courts
Reason for running: “I feel like this is an
opportunity for me to give back to a
community that has been such a great
place to live and raise our family.”

Name: Daniel Warden
Age: 32
Family: Wife – Tonya; daughter – Jordan,
2; father – John Warden, owns Creative
Frame and Trophy in downtown
Oneonta; mother – Patricia Warden,
nurse in Gadsden
Experience: Third-generation small
business owner; associate degree from
Wallace State Community College in
criminal justice; co-manager with
American Bail Bonding; ran a successful
photography studio for over 12 years;
have managed multiple building projects at a time routinely for the past
decade; currently opening a game store
in downtown Oneonta called iDaGamer
which will be like a GameStop.
Reason for running: “I want to serve on
City Council, and think I can bring a
great balance of fresh perspective and
experience to the table. My focus would
be on stimulating small and large business growth which would in turn create
more jobs and revenue. I think we can
use more things to do here and would
love to help encourage new attractions
and things to do around town.”

Place 5: Name: Danny Robinson

Oneonta Board of Education Place 1: Name: Don Maples

Place 3: Name: Ricky Hicks

Place 5:
Name: Winston P. Scott
Name: Jimmy Stewart


Name: Tim Kent
Age: 53
Family: Wife – Amy
Experience: Currently
serving first term as
Mayor. Thirty-five
years law enforcement
experience which
includes nine years as police chief for the
town of Snead.
Reason for running: “It has been an
honor to serve the citizens as mayor of
Snead. During this term we have made
improvements to the water and sewer
system, roads, and town hall, all while
keeping the town financially stable during hard economic times. If re-elected
some of my goals are to work to increase

industry in the town and expand on the
aforementioned improvements while
continuing to be a good steward of the
people’s money. I will continue to make
our government more accountable to
the people we serve.”

Name: Curtis Painter
Age: 80
Family: Wife of 60 years
– Barbara Painter
Experience: 52 years
as bricklayer; 15 years
of Council experience;
eight years as Mayor
(1996 to 2000 and
2004 to 2008); seven years as councilman
(1992 to 1996 and 2009 to 2012)
Reason for running: “My family moved
to the town of Snead in 1987 (25 years
ago). The town of Snead is our home,
and I want to help make the town of
Snead the best it can be for our children’s children. I want to serve the people of the town of Snead and help make
the town of Snead a safer and better
place to live.”

Council Place 1
Name: James B. Campbell
Age: 76
Family: Married with two children and
three grandchildren
Experience: 16 years as councilman,
eight years as fire chief, and 18 years as
volunteer fire fighter
Reason for running: “Work for a better
town and community.”

Name: Herbert Gary Cooper
Age: 66
Family: Wife – Rou Ann
Experience: Truck driver (47 years); currently a farmer
Reason for running: “To help the citizens
of the town of Snead and to help the
town to be a better place to live.”

Name: Gary Ogles

Place 2
Name: M. Jack Freeman
Age: 85
Family: Wife – Dera; three sons and one
Experience: 50 years in the construction
and landscape business; six years as
director of the physical plant at Jefferson
State Community College

Reason for running: “I want to see the
city grow and be more efficient. I’d like to
build a mini park at the old swimming
pool area, including a splash park for all
to enjoy, new bathrooms, gazebo, and a
veterans memorial.”

Name: Teresa Stevenson
Age: 57
Family: Daughter – Deidra; son-in-law –
Josh Davies
Experience: Employed by Blount County
for 13 years assessing and collecting
taxes, appraising property, and currently
administrative assistant
Reason for running: “I believe my experience in different capacities of county government will be beneficial to the citizens
of Snead. My plans are to work together
with town officials to find ways to improve
our community not only now but for the
future considering all resources and utilizing them to the greatest potential.”

Place 3: Name: Philip McHan

Place 4
Name: Eugene “Gene” Roberts
Age: 57
Family: Married with seven children
Experience: Truck driver

Reason for running: “I like to have an

Name: Dale Snead
Age: 51
Family: Wife – Tina Snead; Daughters –
Allison Snead and Anna Snead
Experience: Served as council member over
the water department for one term in Snead
Reason for running: “The town, the
state, and the county are always changing. Some for the better, and some for
the worst. I have lived here in Snead all of
my life. It’s a place to raise a family and a
place to call home. If changes are to be
made, I want to make sure they are for
the better and not for the worst.”

Name: David Wise

Place 5
Name: Larry Brooks
Age: 62
Family: Married with two children and
four grandchildren
Experience: 40 years with Good Year Tire
and Rubber Co.
Reason for running: “To have a better

Name: Charles Sanders