Mrs. Beach’s kids win prize for bulletin board



These 3- and 4-year-old children pictured above and attending the Ratchford Head Start Center recently won first prize for best bulletin board. The winning bulletin board is on the wall in the background. The bulletin board illustrates a reading booklet entitled Over the River: Turkey Tales. The display was judged on the basis of evidence of child involvement, degree it “goes along with” the associated booklet, creativity, visual appeal, and overall impact. Note turkeys, autumn leaves, illustrated pie-plate trees, the river, the turkey rafting “over the river,” and of course, the anatomically challenged but nevertheless quite satisfying turkey tail-feathers. District Judge John Dobson presented the class with the first-place ribbon, along with his congratulations. Then he pulled up a chair and offered an extemporaneous interpretation of a children’s illustrated story book as a reward. Shown with Dobson are teacher Maxine Beach (right) and teaching assistant Tamara Tinkham (left). – Ron Gholson