Mike Crawford

Mike Crawford

Mike Crawford

Age: 58

Born in/resides in: Born in Birmingham; resides in Oneonta

Family details: Married to Mary LaRussa Crawford Education

Graduated Woodlawn High School, 1972; attended UAB, 1974-1975. Professional training during course of career: firefighter, law enforcement minimum standards, paramedic, covert operations, advanced covert electronics, SWAT operations, interviewing law enforcement candidates.

Work background
• firefighter/paramedic
• business manager of retail firm grossing more than

$750,000 in 1975
•police officer, Birmingham Police Department, 18 years
•national and international manager for covert product manufacturer
•currently business owner providing hi-tech surveillance gear for law enforcement

State your qualifications for the job of sheriff

“I have 18 years of professional law enforcement experience. I have a vast knowledge of cutting-edge law enforcement technology. I have experience interviewing potential law enforcement applicants. I also know how to build a case to legally dismiss an employee should that become necessary. I am experienced in media relations.”

List in order of priority the top six duties of the sheriff’s
job, in your opinion.
•Provide for safety and well-being of every citizen
•Support and protect the U.S. Constitution
•Maintain a safe, secure correctional environment
•Provide for courthouse safety/security; support courts
•Ensure all evidence, money, and property is properly maintained
•Be available to citizens at all times to hear complaints and problems

If elected, what will you do to improve the efficiency,
effectiveness, and delivery of sheriff’s department
services to citizens of the county?
(Edited for word limit)
•plan to greatly reduce county liability insurance rates
•plan to address…situations (such as) some cities
becoming wet
•plan to protect underage young people charged with
purchasing, possessing, or consuming alcohol by asking courts to suspend their most cherished possession:
their driver’s license

How will you approach dealing with the recurring conflict between the irresistible force of public/departmental needs and the immovable object of budget constraints?

“I will work tirelessly to obtain as many grants as are available by assigning a person to have the grant search and application process as their main duty. I will work to make sure any seized money or property is sold as soon as legally possible.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“I will be a working sheriff. One of the most common complaints I hear is that after they make a report the citizen never hears back. I will go back to the old school. It will be required that a hard copy of every incident report, arrest report, wreck report will be given to me the moment I walk into my office. I personally will review those and assign those to detectives who will be required to provide me daily progress on every case they are assigned. I look forward to serving the citizens of Blount County.”