Mer it board submits opinion

in Geneva Wall v. city of Oneonta

As requested by Steven King, judge of Alabama’s 41st Judicial Circuit, the Blount County Merit Board submitted a written opinion in the Geneva Wall v. City of Oneonta case. Wall has challenged her dismissal as an employee by the city of Oneonta. The city has contended that Wall does not have legal standing to appeal her dismissal to the board.

In a Jan. 28 hearing, the board agreed to allow Wall to pursue a formal appeal and Oneonta challenged that decision in circuit court. With the sides disagreeing on details of the board’s decision and the judge lacking a written opinion, King asked for the formal statement.

The one-paragraph board ruling details its reasoning that the city’s placing certain employees on non-classified status exceeds the parameters permitted by the board’s enabling legislation. The city has argued that the board nearly 20 years prior had accepted that action. The ruling, evidently addressed to the courts, concludes with, “If the Merit Board is in error, please provide us with further guidance.”