Men’s wear rides again downtown




After a decade of absence from downtown, a men’s wear store, The NINES Formal Wear– purveying business, casual, and lifestyle clothing – is back in the lineup and ready to meet your needs to NOT have to journey to a distant destination for quality men’s fashions. The ribbon-cutting last week (owner Joel McCay wielding the scissors) welcomed the men’s fashions newcomer to the front-of-the-building position in the long-established The NINES Formal Wear women’s store for prom and pageant gowns, which remains open for business with its customary stock at the same location.

Here’s an illustrative-only list of brands and clothing types in the men’s store: Nautica brand business and casual wear; dress shirts and ties from Properly; Florsheim shoes; suits on order from Jackson James and Michael Kors; (arriving soon and in greater quantity later – also tailor-made suits available on order); also assorted other dress and sports shirts, T-shirts, polos, khakis, and men’s accessories. Also, items that defy generalization, but demand attention: a super-classy khaki and leather matched pair of briefcase and laptop/notebook carrying case that you have to see to be taken with.

“The NINES is a family-owned business that provides a level of personal service lacking in most retail space and in online shopping today,” said McCay. “We approach our job with passion, care, and knowledge. We will help guide you in the different styles and options to find a look that fits you, while holding to tried and true traditions that will look good for years to come. For us, The NINES is a place where friendships are formed and the traditions of dressing well are passed down from generation to generation.”

Store hours: Noon to 6 p.m., Tuesday through Thursday; Noon to 5 p.m., Friday; and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday. Closed Sunday and Monday. Hours will be extended somewhat after football season and into next year through April. Questions? 205-274- 2936.

Check it all out at The NINES.