McNutt organizes fundraiser



Sixth-grader Eli McNutt has been on a mission for several months as he organized a cancer and breast cancer fundraiser for his elementary classmates.

As part of the fund raising efforts, Locust Fork Elementary principal Steve Love agreed to be a “sitting duck” last Tuesday during each PE class, and allowed the students who paid $1 to squirt him with a water gun.

McNutt set a goal of $150 for this event but total money raised was not available at press time.

When asked what inspired him to organize a fundraiser McNutt said, “I have two great uncles that died recently of cancer. It makes me feel bad because cancer affects the person and their loved ones. It makes me feel bad about people having the disease and how they sometimes pass away. It is sad.”

McNutt, who attends Turning Point United Methodist, has also seen church member Mary Quick battle breast cancer over the past few months.

Following up with his earlier statement, McNutt said, “I wanted to raise money for breast cancer and other cancer to help find medicine to cure it so that we don’t have to worry about it anymore. It makes me feel good to help people who have cancer.”

McNutt is no stranger to fundraising. His 9-year-old sister, Molly, is disabled and the family has had yard sales and other fundraising events over the past several years to help with money for her essential needs, such as a wheelchair.

McNutt is proud to be a first-year member of Locust Fork Elementary Ambassador, an organized group of students who assist others when needed. They may help new students get acclimated to the school, lend a hand to teachers, or have a canned food drive.

Michael and Janie are the proud parents of Eli and Molly.