Many school problems can be solved

I want to extend a public thank you to Blountsville police chief Ray Baxley and our school superintendent Jim Carr for their great work and involvement in getting the Blountsville Elementary School traffic problems solved. It is apparent that when we open school a few minutes early and parents can drop off their children like last year that the cars keep moving and no back up occurs.

Since school began the problem was we had over 100 plus vehicles at a stand still and this was a major logistic problem for the school since the opening the doors for students to get in had changed to 7:30 a.m. Result … A cluster traffic jam of sorts was every morning since school began. Afternoons still are slow but moving better.

It is my understanding after asking questions that the Board of Education did not set this new 7:30 a.m. opening time. Now many working moms and dads can get to work on time. I realize that a bus service is provided however for child safety many parents or grandparents like me drop off students.

I hope the school leadership will continue to look at ways to positively work to solve issues like chief Baxley and Mr. Carr did for our schools. Many prolems in a school can be solved by involving people in the community, parents, and local leaders. Working with people and being open to achieving a positive result will be a win for everyone at anytime. Good job chief and Mr. Carr!
Shylor D. Colfax PhD Ed

Brooksville Community