Lydia Haynes candidate for District 11 state representative




This is the fourth of five profiles of candidates running for District 11 of the State House of Representatives. This is the last of the Republican candidates. Remaining is the profile of Democratic candidate Kelly Evans, which will appear near the time of the general election.

District 11 includes about one-fourth of Blount County, lying along its northern and western boundaries and extending toward the center of the county. The District 11 vacancy was created when former State Rep. Jeremy Oden of Cullman resigned in December after being appointed to the Alabama Public Service Commission. The winner of this election will serve the remainder of Oden’s term, a period of about 18 months.

The primary election date for the four Republican candidates is Feb. 12. If a runoff is not required, the general election will be Mar. 26. If a runoff is required, the runoff will be held Mar. 26, with the general election on May 7.

Precincts voting at the following locations are included in District 11: Summit Fire Hall, Rock Springs Community Center, Brooksville Fire Hall, Blountsville Town Hall, Cleveland Town Hall, and a small portion of the divided precinct voting at Rosa Town Hall. Lydia Haynes Age: 58 Residence: Fairview Born and raised: Raised on a cotton farm in Berlin community of eastern Cullman County. Graduated from Cullman High School in 1972. Family details: Married to Darrel Haynes 36 years. He is a full-time farmer. They have two sons: Ben, 34, and Bart, 32. Education

Attended Auburn University 1972-1975, majored in pre-physical therapy. Graduated from UAB in 1977 with bachelor’s degree in physical therapy.

Current job: Physical therapist/co-owner, Integrity Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Work background •college summer work at Marshall Space Flight Center and U.S. Army Missile and Munitions School •worked as physical therapist in hospitals in Cullman, Morgan, and Marshall Counties; also in home health care and nursing homes •1989 – created sports medicine program at Cullman Medical Center •worked seven years at HealthSouth •2005 – present – physical therapist in private practice and co-owner of Integrity Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation

Political experience •member, Governor’s State Health Coordinating Council, eight years •member, Blue Cross/Blue Shield state Physical Therapy Advisory Committee, two years

Qualifications •small business co-owner, job creator, investment steward •farming partner and strong advocate for agriculture •lifetime conservative, good government advocate •health and fitness expert •coalition builder •background combining Christian values, agriculture and rural America, the world of business, public health/fitness, and state and national agencies

Platform •promote values to strengthen families, communities, state •build coalitions to help create jobs •promote smaller government, accountability, property rights •promote and enhance District 11’s main industry: agriculture

Stand on issues Limited home rule for counties: “I believe the rights and freedoms of the people of this state and the broader public interest are protected by opposing attempts to force the state to give up its responsibility and power to county or local units of government… The state Legislature serves as a check and balance for average citizens.” Charter schools: (paraphrase of candidate’s lengthy answer) “Alabama already has good public schools. A good education begins at home with parental expectations and what’s done to facilitate those expectations. There’s a lot of confusion and many unanswered questions about charter schools – even before you take into account the Alabama Education Association’s opposition related to the union and tenure.” Comprehensive tax reform: “I would strongly stand opposed to any attempt for… legislation that would attempt to fund state government on the back of increased property taxes. We need to revisit common sense measures like prior-year budgeting. We need to assure that there are equitable distributions of monies to the general fund, education trust fund, etc.” Money, lobbying and influence in politics: “New ethics reform legislation did a lot to prevent PAC-to- PAC money mismanagement. When organizations have a political action committee (PAC) and they decide to back a candidate, there should be due diligence and transparency of those amounts. Right now, my campaign funds are coming from… selling soybeans.”

Candidate’s response to instruction to complete the thought “I am the best candidate for this office because…” “I am the best candidate for this office because I AM ONE OF YOU. I don’t come from a world of guarantees – guaranteed job, retirement, or health insurance. I am a farming partner and business co-owner. I come from a world where we have to do more with less. I have been responsible for employees and benefits, budgets, and bottom lines. I have invested my own money to create jobs… As a woman, wife, mother, and grandmother, I will be sensitive to the needs of women…I will work for smaller government, accountability in government, due process, and personal and property rights of citizens. I will be a coalition builder to create jobs. I will work to help all the municipalities in District 11…I will work to enhance the number one industry in District 11 – agriculture.”