Loyd Arrington

Loyd Arrington

Loyd Arrington

Age: 67

Born in/resides in: Born in Douglas; resides on Straight Mountain

Family details: Married to Norma Hodges Arrington with two adult children, Andy and Steve Education

Graduated Woodlawn High School; graduated Troy University with bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and minor in business administration. Professional training: minimum of 200 schools/seminars over a 40-year period, dealing with every aspect of law enforcement. Work background

•Alabama State Trooper

•U.S. Army, Vietnam veteran

•Various part-time jobs in high school
•Currently Blount County Sheriff (appointed by the
governor in 2009, re-elected in 2010)

State your qualifications for the job of sheriff
•40 years law enforcement experience, street officer
to administrator
•Five years experience as Blount County Sheriff
•Sound management of multi-million dollar budgets
•Experience managing in excess of 150 personnel
•Experience identifying/implementing solutions to
law enforcement needs

List in order of priority the top six duties of the sheriff’s job, in your opinion.

“The numerous duties of a sheriff are specifically defined by law in 36-22-3 of the Code of Alabama. All are equally important and non-negotiable. In conjunction with these duties, the traits a sheriff should possess are: protectiveness, compassion, listening, reasoning, treating all people fairly, and common sense.” If elected, what will you do to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and delivery of sheriff’s department services to the people of the county?

“Employing experienced, highly trained, retired law enforcement officers who supplement their income at half of a deputy’s salary (due to retirement earning limits) is one way. I have six employed. Fiscal management provides the tools for deputies to deliver services. Cross training deputies to perform multiple tasks also increases effectiveness.” How will you approach dealing with the recurring conflict between the irresistible force of public/departmental needs and the immovable object of budget constraints?

“By sound fiscal management, as I have in the past. I have come in under budget every year since becoming sheriff. This was accomplished by prioritizing needs, obtaining federal and state grants to offset spending, and using seized drug money and pistol permit funds to purchase needed equipment.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“A management principal states: ‘past performance is an indicator of future behavior.’ For the past three years we averaged a drug arrest every other day. We averaged a burglary arrest every third day. This is a matter of public record. I will continue to aggressively pursue the criminal element in our county. Do we need more deputies? Yes. Can the county afford them? No. We utilize what we have. I will not remove a deputy from our schools to augment patrol shifts. The safety of our children and educators is too critical. I ask for your support and your vote.”