Lowe named president of Alabama city/county group

Oneonta city manager Ed Lowe was recently named the president of the State of Alabama City/County Management Association. Lowe has been a member of the organization for 15 years, and he will serve as president for the 2013-2014 term.

“The organization is meant to promote and offer professional management and support elected groups, not to usurp their authority, ” Lowe said.

Lowe will represent the organization at multiple meetings throughout the Southeast as well as the state and international conference in Boston, which will have an approximate attendance of 3500.

The members of the organization are important when issues arise in Oneonta because of the professional relationship and network Lowe has built with them.

“A lot of times others in the organization have dealt with an issue that the City of Oneonta is dealing with, so I call them up and get tips,” he said.