Lost animal part two

As wordsmith Yogi Berra would say, “… déjà vu – all over again”! I read the story about the lost-and-found dog with great interest. I had just lived the same story – only with my cat!!

He wanders from time to time as most all cats do. But after a couple of days of his being gone, I began to worry. The temperature was SOOO cold, and I knew he needed some food. I went up and down our street several times looking for him with no luck. I thought that he might have gone under someone’s house but never really followed through with that idea.

TWO WEEKS LATER on Tuesday night (before the paper with the dog story came out on Wednesday), I had walked out in our yard after dark. He must have seen me through a grate in the foundation of the empty house across the street from our house. I heard a very faint “meow” and the closer I got to the house, the louder the sound. No one has lived in that house in quite some time and the door going under the house had been left opened slightly. At some time, someone came to check the house and must have closed the door. My nosey cat was under the house and had no way to get out.

When I opened the door, my cat shot out like a bullet! He was MUCH thinner but was able to run to our house and was waiting on me at the door. He has been petted and pampered a lot since then and seems to be doing well.

Moral of my story: if your pet goes missing (especially in bad weather), look close by where you live and look in secluded places. Thank goodness my cat and the Rays’ dog were in good shape before their ordeals or they would both be gone. Thanks for sharing Anna Ray’s story!!

Phyllis Ratliff