Locust Fork Fire and Rescue asks for help

An open letter to those served by Locust Fork Volunteer Fire and Rescue:

It’s that time of year again when the Locust Fork Fire and Rescue Squad asks for your help.

We’d like to update everyone on what we have accomplished in the last year, with the help of those of you who made a donation. Our biggest accomplishment was to improve the ISO rating for our coverage area from a 7/9 to a 6/9. This means a possible reduction in your homeowners insurance rates. We urge you to check with your insurance agent and be sure your ISO rating is reflected correctly when your premiums are calculated. We’ve had residents report substantial savings, so be sure that your agent knows that the ISO rating has changed. Depending on your company, you may not need to wait for the policy to renew to get the lower rates.

With your help, the fire department has also purchased desperately needed safety equipment for the firefighters. The next purchase will be a new rescue vehicle, a quick-attack pumper truck that can respond to a fire with a 300-gallon water capacity. This is especially crucial for anyone in our protection area that does not have a fire hydrant nearby.

We operate mainly from donations and ask that each household donate $100, and each business or property owner with three or more properties donate $250. In many cases, your donations are tax deductible. In these trying economic times, we realize that some we serve might need to make payments over time rather than making their donation all at once. We depend on you, so that you can depend on us. Again, our sincerest thanks to those who donated last year.

Please remember, if we can’t find your house, it will slow our response time in the event of an emergency. Make sure your street number is clearly visible on the curb or mailbox. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact me at (205) 681-4501.

Thank you for your support!

Russell Bynum, Fire Chief
Locust Fork Fire & Rescue