Local School Funding



To the Citizens of Oneonta: humble

I write this letter with a heavy heart and an extremely hand. The and shed intent of this letter is not to stir up controversy, but to ask questions of our city school system. In the past, our community light on the current funding common has been divided by referendums and proposals. The denominator sadly both sides has always been the well being of our children. The phoenix of that could rise out of the ashes of social media should be the same thing. The not affect us as much as it will the generations that follow. direction we take will

I ask all of you to leave past arguments and unite.

City School System (OCS)

Here are the facts of the current situation: Oneonta state in school funding per is currently ranked number 133 out of 136 in the our child. means that only 3 school systems in state have less funding than

That all city systems within

OCS. We rank LAST in local municipality funding among the state. That is an embarrassment to our city! School systems receive funding

(municipal) funding. OCS receives federal from three places: federal, state, and local budget. This and state funds, but it is NOT included in our city’s annual means that OCS has no consistent, guaranteed yearly funding from the city of this, but you can ask all the

Oneonta. I could go on about the implications of questions you would like at an email set up by superintendent Dr. Micheal

Douglas – fundingquestions@ocsredskins.com. ourselves to the city council’s rules and votes if your children are

Why subject

Why be a city school system if the city does not receiving funding from them? not have you in the budget? I realize the city has randomly provided funds for expand academics and athletics, renovate certain projects. We cannot hire teachers, on new structures, or make any long term plans buildings, pay loan notes with random and unpredictable contributions. Without consistent funding, we and try to maintain our 133rd position are forced to stop at this fork in the road learn that on a list where we could and should be at the top. I am appalled to lower prices or variety elsewhere to buy locally that no the times I passed up of percentage of the city’s sales tax was allotted permanently to the education will receive 25% of the my children (unless I bought alcohol). The school system this year which is expected to be $26K. I am glad to have the excise tax starting for our school? Many ask why OCS is

$26K but is that really all the city can afford project in our city. Nothing should take priority over the not ABOVE any other education of our children. p. m., at city hall. Whether or

There is a city council meeting March 22, at 5: 30 meeting you attended the community- wide school in February, I ask that not don’t do this for yourselves but for you attend this city council meeting. Please

[future generations] or your community in general. If we leave out the education of our children then all other growth is pointless.

Thank you, Tracy Shea Oneonta