Local and fresh produce available



At the height of the summer gardening season, many farmers are making Blount County fruits and vegetables available for citizens to enjoy.

Several of these farmers can be found at the Blount County Farmer’s Market every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., as they offer some of the freshest produce around.

Peaches, melons, blueberries, tomatoes, corn, and okra are just a few of the fruits and vegetables that can be found at the market.

Nathan David, who considers himself a “glorified gardener” instead of a farmer, said, “Recently there has been a nice crowd, but overall, it has been a bit slow this season.”

David believes many people have forgotten that they have a great place to purchase fresh local produce. He encourages the community to get out and support the local farmers.

In addition David said, “Over the past few years, many of the ‘regulars’ have passed on or are no longer able to farm due to their health and/or age. This has created a real void for some items that were previously found at the market, such as shelled peas.”

Presently there are about 10 vendors who have various types of produce available for purchase.

As thanks for those who visit the market, the vendors will be giving away a basket of fresh produce each Thursday morning at 10 o’clock.

Market merchant Debbie Frost said, “These baskets of produce are very nice and compliments of the vendors.” She reiterated that you must be present to win.

This year’s “Special Day at the Market” will be held on July 22. Vendors will have several gift baskets filled with produce as door prizes for those who register and are present during the drawing.

The market is located on the south end of the Agri-Business Center and will remain open until October.