Back pain is a common problem for about 30 percent of the adult population. Maintaining a regular routine that incorporates back-strengthening exercises helps to get rid of such problems forever. Take a look at some basic exercise steps given below.

1. Lie down on the floor. Your back should be flat and the legs should be kept on top of an exercise ball placed beneath the knees. Now, pull the abdominal muscles towards your belly button. Wait in this position for 5 seconds and avoid arching the lower-back area. Hands should be placed on the sides of the body. As you get used to this exercise, both arms can be outstretched, palms facing the top side. Do this about 4 -5 times.

2. Bend down on the floor, placing your weight on both hands. Knees should be bent; hands at shoulder width distance. Now, squeeze your abs by pulling the belly towards the spinal area. Avoid arching the spine. Then extend the right leg back and hold the left arm straight. Hold this position for 2 seconds or whatever duration is possible in the initial stages. Repeat for the other side. Repeat this exercise 4 times for each side.

3. Stand straight and keep feet together. Contract abs gently and place hands on the hips. Now, take a big step ahead with your right foot. Bend down so that the right knee forms a 90-degree angle. The left leg will be slightly bent at the knees. Go back to the starting position without pausing. Repeat the same for the other leg. Do this set 10 times for each side.

4. Stand erect with feet apart. Your arms should hang loosely at the side. Now, raise the right arm overhead and bend your body towards the left. Hold this position for around 10 seconds. Slowly go back to the starting position. Follow the same procedure for the other side. These steps should be repeated at least 10 times for each side.

Lynn Pass is owner of The Gym in Oneonta. She
holds a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human
Performance from Auburn University and personal
training and aerobic certifications in ACE, AFFA, and