Post Holiday Recovery Ideas



So…it’s the day after Christmas. How do you feel? Do you have a food hangover (or, perhaps, another kind of hangover)? More importantly, what happens now? Will you exercise or take a day of rest?

The day after a holiday is a good time to listen to your body and mind and choose a workout that fits your mood and energy level. There’s plenty of time to get back to a healthy routine but, today, why not pick a workout solely based on how you feel? Here are a few ideas:

· I’m Feeling Energetic: Try a high-intensity cardio workout such as beginner interval training, intense intervals, or a spinning class or go for a long run.

· I Have a Food Hangover: Try something light and soothing such as yoga or pilates or stretch with resistance bands.

· I Want Something Simple: Try one of our back to basics classes or maybe even just go for a walk.

· I Feel Guilty About How Much I Ate:We all feel a little guilty when we overindulge, but try not to punish yourself by skipping meals or exercising too much. Instead, do something positive to get back on track. Treat your body to lots of water, a little exercise, and nutritious foods and you’ll recover in no time.

· Then the next day – it’s time to get going. The holidays are over. Get to The Gym. We have a ton of great classes, exercise machines, and a new nutrition class starting in January.

Lynn Pass is owner of The Gym in Oneonta. She
holds a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human
Performance from Auburn University and personal
training and aerobic certifications in ACE, AFFA, and