Diet and Exercise on a Budget: Getting Ready for Summer



Summer is coming and that means we are all going to try to look our best by getting into shape. Being in shape doesn’t mean we need to starve ourselves or eat like birds.

Starving yourself could do more harm to your body than you may realize. When you try to starve yourself, your body reacts in a strange way and begins to store food as fat; this may actually keep you from losing weight and getting into shape.

Most doctors recommend you eat five times a day when you are trying to lose weight so your body will always have energy. These meals should be small and in proportion size. Try to snack on fruits and vegetables. Just remember that these meals need to be healthy ones.

A great way to have these healthy fruits and vegetables is to grow your own. Not only will you benefit from having these vegetables readily available, you will also get some great exercise while you are working in your garden. And just think how much money you will save by not having to buy these items at the grocery store or market.

The best exercise you could do that is free for everyone is simply walking. Walking is great exercise for anyone and is great for your heart, too. I would recommend that you walk thirty minutes three times a week. If you want to get more out of it, try walking briskly with your hands made into fists and your arms swinging back and forth.

The main thing you need to remember while dieting and exercising is to always stay focused. If you want to lose weight or get into shape, start off slowly so your body has time to adjust. It probably took you a while to put your weight on – for some it took many years – so do not expect miracles; it will take time to get it off. But if you work at it, find something you enjoy, and maybe have a buddy to get started with, you will be happy with the results.

Lynn Pass is owner of The Gym in Oneonta. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Health and Human Performance from Auburn University and personal training and aerobic certifications in ACE, AFFA, and ACSM.