Lights, lights, and more Christmas lights



In the midst of this holiday season, Christmas lights are everywhere. Whether they are at home, up and down the streets, churches, or displayed at retail businesses, their beauty radiates throughout the county for all to enjoy.

One particular display, located at 1136 Kornegay Road in the Friday’s Crossing community, has been a true blessing to the many who have passed by. The residents of the home, Lynn and Doris Cuzzort, simply enjoy light displays. In fact, they enjoy them so much that more than 12 years ago, the Cuzzort’s began creating light scenes to add to lights adorning their home.

When visiting there, you will find a wide variety of light scenes ranging from a Nativity scene and flower gardens to animals, dancing lights, and more. All of these lighted pieces and scenes are homemade with a steel rod and lights attached. Cuzzort says he does not have a favorite piece because “he thoroughly enjoys the lights.”

The focal point of the Cuzzort’s light display is the Nativity scene. There you will find Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus along with a lamb, a donkey, a palm tree, doves, an angel, and a star. Cuzzort said that Jesus is the reason for the season, and this is the way he and his wife choose to celebrate Christmas with everyone who comes by.



The Cuzzort’s invite everyone to stop and walk around the yard and enjoy the lights and scenery. While it’s too cold for them to remain out in the yard each evening to greet passersby, you may occasionally see the Cuzzort’s out enjoying the displays themselves. Cuzzort said, “My wife and I get a kick out of seeing a little kid giggling and laughing at the displays.”

Each year the Cuzzort’s add at least one piece to their yard. This year they were in animal mode and added a rooster, a hen, three biddies, a momma duck with three babies, and three camels.

The displays begin going up the first part of November each year with a goal to light them up the first of December. Cuzzort said he usually keeps the lights up until a couple of days after Christmas. Then it’s back to storage and time for more creations.