Lesley bids farewell



WCRL morning show host and Blount County native Jeremy Lesley (left) will bid farewell during his last radio show on July 27. Lesley, who has been a co-host of the Jeremy and Chris morning show since late 2013, has accepted a position at Word Alive International Outreach in Oxford.

Lesley said, “The first human I saw in a wakened state every morning for five years was Chris Hubauer. I have had the esteemed privilege of waking up every morning for nearly five years to have breakfast, coffee, and hysterical conversation with a true friend.

“That has been an incredible treasure that I could never replicate anywhere with anyone. I feel that I did the best radio I have ever done anywhere because of the magic that Chris and I shared. I will miss that immensely.”

The Lesley family re-established residency in Blount County in 2010. Lesley and his wife Kym, aka Bella, have been leaders within the community and shown their love for the county.

Lesley has served as worship leader at Redeemer Community Church for the past three years, served as a community board member for several organizations, and been a supporter of Blount County. Kym, also a huge community supporter, established the Blount County Bellas in 2013. According to Lesley, “Bella will still be coming to town for Bellas, Community Arts Council events, and any other reason her broken heart can find to return.”

As Lesley and his family prepare for the move to Oxford, he wants everyone to know how much he loves Blount County. Leaving will be difficult, but he knows he must follow God’s plan. He is excited about this opportunity God has laid in his path.

Lesley said, “I would love to thank the county that raised me and then welcomed me back with open arms many years later. Robbie McAlpine gave me the opportunity of a lifetime to come back to the radio station that gave me a start as a child. His kindness and generosity have been overwhelming. Pastor Matt Scott and the thriving community at Redeemer Community Church have blessed my family for three years with love and joy. I will never forget the beautiful things God let us do together.

“To all the community leaders, every advertiser, the amazing listeners, our friends, my fraternal brothers, and everyone: these have been some of the most amazing days of my life. I hope to live out a few more with you all in the future. My Bella, our kids, and I owe every one of you a profound debt of gratitude for your eternal kindness. You are always in our hearts and souls. Thank you, and I love you all.”