Lee Ridge development not represented at Snead work session

The work session presumed to end the Lee Ridge Drive controversy at Snead did not occur. The council, minus member James Campbell, assembled for the meeting, but developer Terry Stover, his attorney, and his engineer didn’t appear. Mayor Tim Kent had informed councilors at their first October meeting that Stover appeared ready to accept an agreement negotiated between his representatives and the town’s.

A handful of Lee Ridge residents did appear. Some rumored that Stover had been hospitalized. Kent apologized to resident June Peppers, but Peppers responded that the failure was unavoidable. She indicated her optimism for a resolution.

The council voted to purchase a new Tahoe for its police department. The state bid lists the vehicle at $25,939. Police chief Phillip Weaver explained that the city will need to spend another $4000 to $4500 to make the vehicle police-ready.

Utility department head Jeff Whited advised the council to reject an Altoona Housing Authority proposal to shift its service from 25 individual meters to one central. Whited estimates the town would lose around $175 a month in billing in addition to the $7000 cost for the central meter and its installation.

The council followed Whited’s recommendation on that and agreed to contract for a purchase-option on land containing a well for possible future town needs. Town engineer Robert Nelson explained several requirements to be met before purchase of the well. He noted the first step is permission to “camera” the well to evaluate it. The camera scan will cost around $2500.

Councilors voted to annex some three acres owned by Greg and Tina Ogles. The annexation must meet state and federal approval before it is final. The property lies on Moore Road.

Fire chief Lee Netherton, wearing official dress uniform, reported he had received a $187-price per dress uniform for his department. Kent had asked for the quote, following the department’s participation in the funeral for former town police chief Ezra Poole. The council agreed to purchase six uniforms and patches.

Councilors Jack Freeman, Phillip McHan, Curtis Painter, and Charles Sanders joined Kent for the Oct. 25 meeting. The council holds its regular sessions the second and fourth Mondays of each month at 7 p.m. in the community center.