LaShone Price

LaShone Price

LaShone Price

Age: 41

Born in/resides in: Born in Boaz; resides in Snead

Family details: Married to Mary Nicholas Price with one child, Mason, 17 Education

Graduated Susan Moore High School; attended Wallace State and Jefferson State community colleges; onthe job professional training working with Blount County district attorney, law enforcement officials, first responders, EMTs, hospice, hospitals, and nursing homes; will attend courses offered by Alabama Coroners Association, if elected. Work background

• 1992 – worked at Lemley Funeral Home.

•1993-2005 – worked as funeral director for Snead
Funeral Home, Cleveland Funeral Home, and
Hanceville Funeral Home; also worked as dispatcher for
Massey Hauling in Oneonta during that time.
•2005-present – bought and became owner and
operator of Snead Funeral Home and Snead
Monument Company.

What are your qualifications for the position of coroner?
•according to Alabama law, anyone who is 25 or older
and is a registered voter is qualified to serve as coroner
•21 years providing bereavement services to Blount
County citizens
•experience removing deceased remains from crime
scenes, wreck scenes, and suicide scenes, as well as normal death situations
•knowledgeable in processing death certificates
•compassionate and respectful in dealing with grieving families that have lost a loved one

Explain to voters what coroners do.

“A coroner is an elected servant of the people whose duty is to preside over unattended deaths. These are deaths that occur outside of hospitals, nursing facilities, or hospice care settings. The coroner acts as a liaison between the State of Alabama and residents of Alabama. He or she completes necessary paperwork, including death certificates, for families who have suffered loss.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“I will serve the people of Blount County with honesty, respect, compassion, and promptness. I will be available to the people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. I will personally respond when I have a coroner call. I will NOT use the staff of a privately owned funeral home or business to deal with my elected duties. I will do my best and work closely with first responders, law enforcement officers, and the district attorney to ensure accurate investigations to determine actual cause of death.”