Kon and Vice speak

In telephone conversation with The Blount Countian, Town of Highland Lake Mayor Connie Vice advised that Scott Kon, the town police chief since 2009, had violated the town vehicle take home policy. She holds the policy, written by Kon, permits actions beyond the town limits only in life threatening situations.

Kon offered two events to which Vice may have referred. He says on Nov. 4, he responded to a Highland Lake stolen vehicle report. Within a short time, he had identified a suspect, located, and procured the vehicle, while encountering evidence of other suspected crimes.

The identified suspect lived along the route Kon took returning from Highland Lake to his Cleveland home. Cleveland and county officers addressed the cases of the other possible evidence.

As for the second occurrence, Kon reports he and his brother-in-law had breakfast together on Nov. 10. He said Vice emailed him asking had he driven a town vehicle that morning for personal use. He replied by email that he had not. He said that his vehicle does somewhat resemble the town’s.

He noted the next day Vice raised the same question with another officer present. He reports he, again, told her he had not. He indicated the “papers” to which he referred in the meeting are emails or official reports.

Vice had indicated in the town’s regular December meeting that she had no issues with Kon until July. Asked of that, Vice said she could not comment. She did say she had attempted to address that “quietly” for her part.

Kon reported he and Vice had discussions related to his attendance at the annual chief’s conference held at Orange Beach in July. He expresses frustration over his belief that he does not know what the mayor wants from him.