Kind Kups Coffee Shop coming soon to Cleveland



Kevin and April Browning (right) will be opening their first coffee shop, Kind Kups, in Cleveland next month. On the menu will be a variety of flavored coffees, smoothies, tea, soft serve ice cream, and several other tasty treats.

Kind Kups will also feature a drive thru window for their on-the-go customers. Inside, guests will be greeted by friendly team members and encouraged by inspirational words decorated around the store. Other items will be available for purchase as well, such as books on encouragement and empowerment that “speak life” as well as a few other items.

They recently announced Morgan Plyler as Kind Kups manager. When asked how they came up with the name Kind Kups, they wanted a name that represented community. April replied they originally had another name in mind, but when asked what her passion was during prayer, her thoughts turned to “the power of words, how they affect us and the power they have over us.”

The verse on her heart from that conversation came from Proverbs 16:24, “Kind words are like honey, sweet to the soul.” They knew the name should be Kind Kups after that prayer. They wanted it to represent speaking life into the community. Their vision statement states: “Kind Kups exist to provide a life-giving atmosphere for community building and fellowship. To encourage our customers through acts of service and words of kindness. To impact our community by empowering self-worth and inspiring kindness, ultimately motivating them to give back.”

The idea for a coffee shop came from hosting a small group for students and wanting to do more in the community. They observed how the students enjoyed spending time together and thought of ways to provide a place for adults and students to come together to meet. The coffee shop will provide a place for people in the community to gather.

The goals and ambitions Kind Kups have for the future are a variety of ways to give back to the community. A few ideas are to provide tutoring and scholarships for students. They also would like to host cornhole tournaments, motorcycle rallies, pet adoptions, and host kid’s events in the future.

When asked what has surprised them the most about this journey, April said, “The literal miracles that have happened!” She and Kevin were not even coffee drinkers so “opening a coffee shop was the last thing we thought we would be doing,” she said. “It has been God opening doors and sending the right people to teach us. There is no way Kevin and I could have gotten to this point on our own.”

The response and support from the community has been very encouraging and they look forward to opening soon.