Kevin Price

Kevin Price

Kevin Price

Age: 44

Born in/resides in: Born in Oneonta; lives in Nectar area

Family details: Married to Monica Hathcock Price with four children: Corey, 24; Haley, 21; Jared, 16; and Brayden, 1 Education

Graduated Cleveland High school, 1987; Wallace State Community College studies in cyber security/computer forensics 2010; Athens State University, courses in criminal justice, 2011. Professional training: crisis negotiation for first responders, advanced roadside detection expert; continuing education in law enforcement. Work background

•U.S. Air Force law enforcement specialist, 1987-1990

•Air National Guard security forces,
•Blount County reserve deputy, 15 years
•Rock mason, self-employed
•Pastor, First Congregational Methodist, 15 years
•Leadership of churches in Blount,
Cullman, and Lawrence counties.
•Currently employed as Alabama State

State your qualifications for the job
of sheriff
•Education (see above)
•Experience (see “work background”
•The ability to apply education and
experience to make sound leadership
decisions in law enforcement and the
private sector

List in order of priority the top six duties
of the sheriff’s job, in your opinion.
•Citizens: people before politics
•Providing deputies who are professional, motivated, and well trained
•Solid operating plan to confront,
handle, and resolve incidents affecting
the schools
•Community relations during times
of crisis
•Working closely with the court system
•Providing an above-standard correctional facility

If elected, what will you do to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and delivery of sheriff’s department services to the people of the county?

•Establish minimum standards for hiring qualified and professional deputies
•Establish standard operating procedures outlining required conduct
and departmental policies, including
for promotions
•Improve professionalism, uniformity,
training, and communication
•Emphasize community relations;
hold community meetings; establish a
communications officer
•Compile crime data for saturation
details in high crime areas
•Improve case awareness by crime

How will you approach dealing with the recurring conflict between the irresistible force of public/departmental needs and the immovable object of budget constraints?

“Fiscal responsibility will be a top priority in my administration. I will prioritize spending to accomplish a set of departmental goals. The top goals are adequate pay, training, and equipment for employees. I will work with entities across the county to provide services to citizens within an adequate budget.” Candidate’s statement to voters

“I am seeking the office of sheriff for one reason: people. My desire is to be a leader instead of a politician. I will use my education, training, and experience to serve the people of Blount County. If elected, I will have an open door policy. I will be fiscally responsible with administrative positions filled by resume. I will stand for second amendment rights by cutting the cost of pistol permits. And these are just a few of the reasons I am asking for your vote June 3.”