Keep safety in sight this 4th of July

The sights and sounds of a fireworks display are a traditional part of a 4th of July celebration. Unfortunately, fireworks can also lead to another annual tradition – a trip to the emergency room.

Approximately 6400 Americans are treated annually for fireworks-related injuries during the 4th of July holiday period. And of those, almost 1600 are treated for injuries to the eye.

Every year, as many as 400 Americans lose sight in one or both eyes due to fireworks. People are strongly encouraged to attend only authorized public fireworks displays conducted by licensed operators.

Eye-opening facts about fireworksrelated eye injuries follow:

Children under 14 account for 45 percent of fireworks-related eye injuries.

Almost half of fireworks injuries happen to bystanders.

The fireworks that cause the most injuries are bottle rockets, firecrackers, and sparklers.

This information was provided by Dr. Faye Andrews, a therapeutic optometrist in Cleveland.