‘Keep a level head be informed’

I would like to clarify a couple of points stated in ads placed in The Blount Countian, on radio and TV by Howard’s LLC. They state at least $1.24 million more revenue would be received annually. They don’t state, however, according to their own study, this increase would take at least 10 or more years after policy is changed for Oneonta to realize the full increase in retail sales and tax revenue.

Their study further states findings are based on wet-in-dry cities in Alabama relative to rest of the state. All of our towns and cities will be wet-in-wet county. This nullifies the findings, as far as Blount County.

Study was also made prior to the current recession and financial condition our world, nation, state, and county now find ourselves in. Now is certainly not the time to expect huge spending. When people are losing their jobs and even their homes, it’s highly unlikely the average consumer in Blount County will spend more than is absolutely necesary.

Also, keep in mind, upon going wet, Blount County would immediately lose the $359,000 from TVA. What would we do all those years until the $1.24 million kicked in?

Next point in ad is equally misleading. Proponents claim going wet would attract restaurants that have avoided Blount County for the SOLE reason that we’re dry. This is not true. Blount County-Oneonta Chamber leaders have tried for years to attract new restaurants. Upon learning the population, per capita income, and spending habits of the area, they have repeatedly been turned down. There are many factors involved besides the dry issue in new restaurants locating here. If the sole reason is due to the fact that Blount County is dry, why would O’Charley’s, Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesday locate in Cullman? They’re dry.

It’s time to get past all the rhetoric, use a little common sense, not take at face value what the proponents of going wet are bombarding us with, and get to the facts – not mere speculation.

After listening to Representative Elwyn Thomas, Judge David Standridge, and others who have read the study commissioned by proponents and all other information I can get my hands on, I will definitely vote NO and encourage all Blount Countians to vote NO too.

I would like to also encourage everyone to keep a level head, to be informed, to treat others as you would like to be treated, and to know that on Nov. 5 when all this is over and the smoke clears, voters on either side of the issue will ALL still be neighbors, friends, and most of all, still be children of God, and He loves us equally.
Peggy Ellis