Katie Sue Light-Smith

KATIE SUE LIGHT-SMITH, 80, died Dec. 2, 2019. Born April 30, 1939, Katie Sue was the daughter of Euel L. Light and A. Irene Turley-Light of Walnut Grove. She was married to William E. Hays of Blount County with whom she had two children, Deborah M. Hays and Kenneth W. Hays. Ms. Smith and her children were residents of Birmingham. She later married James A. Smith of Blount County. Ms. Smith is survived by her husband, her children, and her sister Mildred Parrish of Glencoe. Katie Sue was a devoted wife and mother to her children and a person of unwavering faith. She was a limitless source of wisdom and compassion. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

-obituary written by family