Justice for Christian

Reader writes

Christian Boyle, loving son of George Boyle and Kerry Payne, went missing on December 12, 2017, and was found murdered on December 25, 2017. Detective Eakes with the Blount County Sheriff’s Office has worked countless hours and talked with numerous people but no one has been charged at this time. Christian was a fun-loving and caring young man who would do anything for his family and friends. He loved people and he never met a stranger. He would do anything for anyone. We don’t understand how anyone could so brutally murder such a loving and trusting young man. We deserve to know why our child was taken from us and most importantly we deserve justice for Christian. We know there are people out there that know what happened and we deserve answers. It’s time for these people to come forward with whatever information they may have. You don’t know how important something you know could be until you come forward. What you think isn’t that important may be the one piece of information they need to solve this case. Anyone with any information please call the Blount County Sheriff’s Office at 625-4127.

Thank you,
George Boyle and Kerry Payne