John Mark Vaughn

John Mark Vaughn

John Mark Vaughn

Age: 60

Born in/resides in: Born in Andalusia; resides in Oneonta

Family details: Married to Debbie Marcum Vaughn with two adult children, John Eric and Rachel Leigh Morgan Education

Graduated Oneonta High School, 1973; graduated Wallace State Community College with associates degree in criminalistics, 1983; graduated UAB with bachelor’s degree in math/science and criminal justice, 1995; received associates degree as paralegal from Wallace State, 2003; attended FBI National Academy, 1981; U.S. Army military police investigations, 1973-75; 10 professional national-level training courses covering diverse aspects of death investigation forensics during course of career.

Work background
•section chief, forensics, Homewood
Police department
•chief investigator, Walker County
District Attorney’s Office
•detective sergeant, Jasper Police
•death scene investigator, Alabama
Law Enforcement Planning Agency
•currently serving as Blount County
Coroner (elected 2006; re-elected 2010).

What are your qualifications for the position of coroner?
•serving two terms as Blount County
•lifetime devoted to forensic science
and death investigation
•formal training
•broad experience throughout state
•familiar and up to date with current
investigation technologies

Explain to voters what coroners do.

(Condensed from candidate’s reply) Coroner must provide the following correct information information about a deceased person: positive identification, time of death, place of death (jurisdiction), manner of death, what happened, was anyone else involved in the death. Only when all of these questions can be correctly answered can a coroner conclude his ruling as to the cause and manner of death. Candidate’s statement to voters

“Thank you for the support you have provided me over my past two terms. This is all I do; I have no competing outside interests. We started with nothing.. (and now) the Blount County coroner’s office serves as the ‘gold standard’ for coroner’s offices – provided at NO ADDITIONAL COST from your taxpayer funds. I have tried to give each…of you the personal attention you deserved…in a medically unattended death…during those times, you are experiencing the worst moments of your life but you deserve the utmost in technical efficiency combined with the best measures of compassion…I can offer…I ask for your support and vote in June.”